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We are not just another company, we are true believers in care sharing to everyone

Who’s eCare21

eCare21 is a mobile platform that links friends, family, caregivers and healthcare professionals in a patient centered model of care.
The eCare21 solution provides active real-time & asynchronous remote patient monitoring, medication management, and data analytic capabilities in support of subacute eldercare & chronic disease management. eCare21 leverages low-code, off-the shelve smart devices, including wearables, to monitor and track glucose, blood pressure, physical activity, medication adherence, weight, sleep and other key health indicators. Patient health information is stored securely in the cloud and is made available to authorized stakeholders in the patient circle of care. eCare21 supports clinical decision-making across the continuum, clinical resource utilization, care coordination, remote clinical documentation, and chronic care management.