Chronic Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring

eCare21 can significantly increase your practice billings by documenting clinical activity compliant Medicare’s new Chronic Care Management (CCM) CPT Codes (99490, 99091).

So, don’t leave money on the table.

eCare21 seamlessly adapts to your current practice workflow & existing billing system

Benefits for Doctors, Patients, Insurers and Billing Partners!

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New source of revenue, improve patient care. Download white paper and presentation. Download white paper and presentation.

Improve your care and live a happier, healthier, and safer life.

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Save money by providing value-added and preventive care.

Billing Partners
Increase efficiency by streamlining CCM and RPM billing.

Care Providers
Easy way to manage daily Care Plan activities for you and your Caregivers

Full Health Snapshot

Your activity, BMI and weight, your sleep quality and all the vitals are available in one single view from any device you like




You can adjust goals and thresholds to your preferences


Any OS, Any device!

We have spent many months developing the platform so it will fit your mobile or computer preferences. eCare21 is cross platform system tailored to you and to your phone or computer.

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