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The Future Of Health Care Is In Data Analytics

Every minute of the day, eCare21, a remote patient-monitoring system, collects thousands of pieces of health data about than 1,000 senior citizens. The telehealth system uses smartphones, Fitbits, Bluetooth and sensors to collect information about things like blood pressure, physical activity, glucose levels, medication intake and weight. The information is then compiled on a dashboard so that the patients’ doctors, d ones and caregivers can keep an eye on them and provide proactive care, even from hundreds of miles away.

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Miracles of yoga for your posture

Have you ever loed at you posture in the mirror or on one of those sneak pictures and saw that you might need to straighten up a bit … or a lot? Apart from scoliosis, which affects than 2% of Americans, this can be caused by lifestyle. But it doesn’t mean that you’re doomed.

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I don’t need your help

One of the challenges you might face when caring for a senior is their own resistance. First thing on the way to deal with it is understanding the reasons they do not want to be helped.

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Some tips to prevent arthritis.

The most common problem of all seniors is arthritis. There are, however, ways to prevent or at least reduce the risk of joint pain. Start with altering your diet – eating fish is the first rule. Omega-3, among other health benefits, will help reduce inflammations.

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Run, water, run

Wonders of deep water running. Running is good. That’s what we hear on a daily basis from our fit friends and show hosts, read about in social media and magazines.

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The importance of being a caregiver

Working as a caregiver is a great responsibility because any action or the lack of one can be the difference between life and death. If you work with a number of patients you need to have a really good, never failing memory or our eCare21 app.

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eCare21 expands to Florida

eCare21 has opened an office in Florida to address the growing needs of the rapidly expanding retiree population in the State of Florida who are demanding cost effective solutions to monitor and improve their health and wellbeing.